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Organic Kadha + Golden Milk Masala

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By Women, For Women!

Empower a woman and you empower a generation. With this vision in mind, ORCO provides marginalised women with livelihood opportunities that enables them to live a life of dignity and freedom. Every time you choose ORCO you help us skill and support our team of ORCOpreneurs that provides you with healthy, clean and high quality spices without any adulteration.

Try your regular Lauki in a creamy twist. We guarantee you will love gravy dish recipe.

Carom Seeds popularly known as Ajwain in India are fruit of Bishop’s Weed. Leaves and fruits both are consumed by humans of this plant.

Spices are used for different parts of plants like seeds, root, bark or any other parts. The primary use is to add flavour and texture to the food.

A dish that tastes a lil different than your usual daily dish but definitely is good for your health.

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