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By Women, For Women!

Empower a woman and you empower a generation. With this vision in mind, ORCO provides marginalised women with livelihood opportunities that enables them to live a life of dignity and freedom. Every time you choose ORCO you help us skill and support our team of ORCOpreneurs that provides you with healthy, clean and high quality spices without any adulteration.


Benefits of Handmade

Ground Manually Below 100Rpm

High in Nutrients

No Added Color

Rich Aroma

Zero Burnt Taste

Zero Chemicals

Media Features

Crispy seasoned nutritious tofu tossed in a sticky sauce with healthy Orco spices is an

Some may call it the most powerful plant food on the planet and for some

Watermelon as a fruit comes across as red, squashy and super juicy but its seeds

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