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5 Essential Foods For Monsoon

by Organic Condiments on July 06, 2021

Beyond any doubt, monsoon showers are the source of major happiness for all where we all can experience the soothing winds after the scorching heat of the prevailing summers. Not only happiness, but it also gives us memorable moments that are worth spending with all the family members with their favorite chai pakoras, soups, samosa, and many others. It is a different essence of nature that we experience during these days, all the plants have dusted off their dirt and appear to be very appealing to everyone's eyes so that you can admire nature's beauty.

But due to the sudden change in the weather, there are other ill-effects as well that are like the other side of the coin. We almost suffer from the common cold, cough, fever, or even the symptoms of diarrhea, dengue, malaria, typhoid, and whatnot, which in turn lowers our immunity.

So don’t you think to improve your immune system with special organic and Ayurvedic remedies? Absolutely, during this pleasing weather, you need to take special care of yourself to enjoy it, not to get into the trap of various illnesses due to which you lose the major essence of it.

You might be thinking, what are those essential 5 foods for monsoon especially consumed during monsoon season?

Friends, let us have a glance at them, one by one:

  • ORCO’S ORGANIC KADHA: Where you are in major doubt, make ORCO's organic kadha your major companion to improve your immunity to manifolds. This immunity booster drink contains many spices like cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, giloy, and many others, that are hand-ground using the traditional mill, thereby ensuring 100 percent freshness and purity. Organic kadha takes care of health and keeps all the symptoms of monsoon-related illnesses at bay. You can easily prepare kadha by adding 2 tsp ORCO’s organic kadha in a glass of lukewarm water. Take it once a day regularly to enhance your immunity.
  • ORCO’S ORGANIC GOLDEN MILK MASALA: Golden milk better known as, Haldi doodh is one of the oldest remedies that we all are consuming from our childhood only. ORCO's organic golden milk masala is specially prepared hygienically, thereby giving you the real flavors of nature. Turmeric is rich in antioxidant properties, therefore helps to protect your body from various infections in the environment around. Golden milk can be prepared by warming the milk and adding 1tsp organic golden milk masala in it. By consuming once a day can help your immune system immensely to fight infections.
  • ORGANIC CHAI MASALA: Tea is one of our most preferred drinks apart from tea-time during chilly weather. But having simple tea without any twist is not preferable by almost all Indian families. All of us want the warmness that can be provided with a blend of various spices in ORCO's organic chai masala so that you can make your tea more flavorful and aromatic. Organic chai masala is full of spices like dried ginger powder, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, etc. These all spices usually take a very important place in our dadi maa’s kitchen full of spices, therefore boosting your immunity.
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTER JUICE: Immunity booster juice gives the perfect start to your day. It is packed with the distinct flavors of beetroot, carrot, apple, and the little sour flavor of lemon and ORCO’s organic natural black salt. Being rich in vitamin C content, it is highly preferred by most people today apart from the conventional existing immunity booster drinks.
  • ORGANIC SEEDS: ORCO's organic wide range of seeds popularly known as superfoods are one of the best supplements you can consume to improve your immunity. Various types of seeds like watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, black chia seeds, flax seeds, and many others are very rich sources of vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body regularly.  So these seeds can be the best option for you during the monsoon season.

Last but not At least let us sum up the topic by saying that while enjoying the weather do not forget to take special care of yourself by adopting fresh and pure organic spices.


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