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Are Whole Cumin and Methi Seeds Beneficial?

by Organic Condiments on October 27, 2020

There are countless benefits of cumin and methi seeds be it digestive health, flavouring food or helping lactating women.

 Which Whole Spices Are Beneficial To Us?

Have you heard the term “Indigenous Consumption”? Whole Spices are the one which can define it for you. Also, can you look at your kitchen spice cabinet. Which spice do you think is kept for so long, the whole one or the ground one? Obviously the whole one. Here we will be discussing about cumin and methi seeds and their benefits on our body.

Whole Spices In general:

Spices which are not powdered and are used in a whole form as obtained from the plants can be called as a Whole Spice. If we talk about India, 70% of the whole species are produced here and 90% of them are consumed within the country itself, setting the example of "Indigenous Consumption." 

Semi-Arid and Arid regions are said to be the major whole spice production regions as they contribute 80% of the total spice production in India. More than 100 varieties have been developed of these spices. 

There are some limitations to achieving more heights, which may include- blight disease in cumin, stem gall disease in coriander, gummosis in fennel, etc. 

Which Is Better, Whole Or Ground?

You might have witnessed to date that whenever you buy a whole spice, you don't have to replace it frequently like ground spices. So, this clarifies the fact that whole spices have more shelf life than ground ones.

As whole spices do not undergo any kind of processing that generates heat, all the properties are enacted in them and thus serve you in a better way than the ground spices.

cumin and methi seeds

Also, in cooking time if you pre-roast your whole spices and then add to your dishes, it will bring something new to your cooking. You will observe more intense aroma, flavour, and overall taste of your food. 

Some Common whole spices that you should add to your diet include - Organic Turmeric, Organic Cumin and methi seeds, Organic Fenugreek seeds, Organic Fennel seeds, etc.

Organic Cumin and Methi Seeds:

Methi seeds or Fenugreek seeds are obtained from an annual plant ‘Fenugreek’, representing the family ‘Fabaceae’. Not only seeds but also leaves are used in Indian Subcontinent dishes.

It is believed that its cultivation started near the east and was first used to flavour the wine by the Romans. In the Book, ‘Wars of Jews’ Josephus mentioned, In the 1st century AD it was grown as a staple food.

Uses And Benefits Of Organic Methi Seeds:

Fresh or dried leaves can be used as a ‘Herb’, Cuboid shaped seeds can be used as a ‘Spice’. Sometimes it can be used as a food additive or as an animal feed.

  • Organic Methi seeds contains a molecule named ‘Stolone’ which gives the fenugreek its aroma to impart it in culinary or additive uses. Also, it has the flavour of maple sugar and caramel in a lower proportion which too is provided by this molecule, and these two flavours are used as a dietary supplement.
  • Its constituents include flavonoids, alkaloids, coumarins, vitamins, and saponins. Along with these constituents, these seeds are high in soluble fibres that can help in aiding digestion related problems. If you take 5 grams of methi seeds daily with warm water, you can get the fibre benefit as well.
  • Some benefits are not truly identified as correct but have some limited evidence. Like- it can be beneficial to diabetic patients, it can relieve menstrual cramps, helpful to breastfeeding mothers who have lower production of milk in their breasts, etc.  

Organic Cumin Seeds:

Dried seed from the herb Cuminum cyminum, representing the family ‘Parsley’ is called Cumin seeds or ‘Jeera’. This is the spice having a variety of shades like- Black, green and white. Indian Cuisines are more flavoured with whole cumin than ground one.
It is rich in various compounds like- flavonoids, terpenes, phenols, vegetable oils, essential oils, fats, and proteins. Its distinct aroma is from the essential oil content in the seeds.

Uses And Benefits Of Organic Cumin Seeds:

These seeds are used for a variety of purposes like - perfume making, cosmetics, or cooking. Black seeds are said to be more beneficial than brown ones.

  • Research on some women showed that one category of women who ate yoghurt without cumin seeds showed more decrease in body fat than the woman who ate yoghurt without cumin seeds. 
  • Due to the release of ‘Megalomicin’ in the digestive tract, they are effective as an antibacterial agent.
  • Having an iron content of 1.4mg/per serving, it can be a rich source of iron and thus can be helpful for the 20% of the population who suffer from iron deficiency every year. 

Let’s Sum Up:

Whole Spices are of great importance to a healthy kitchen and ultimately to the healthier you. Whether it could be any kind of use like culinary, medicinal, or industrial, it can be used anywhere. They possess the real aroma and flavour of nature and thus spread the same with food too. Having a better shelf life enhances its property as the best spice to keep in every kitchen spice cabinet. Organic Methi and cumin seeds are the two most common and beneficial examples of Organic Whole spices. They are enacted with health and culinary benefiting properties that for sure will make your lifestyle better.

We, at ORCO have a wide range of spices that includes natural black salt, organic cinnamon powder, organic methi, organic chicken masala and a lot more. We have pledged to provide our customers with the best in the market, natural, chemical-free and tastiest organic spices.


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