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How to make food that tastes like your mom's

by Organic Condiments on August 31, 2021

If you are staying abroad or far away from your home for jobs, you always crave for that special magical touch of your mom which has always been there when you were a child. Your house used to be filled with the aroma of spices when she used to cook your favorite meal.

Do you always wonder what was so special about it? Her magical mouth-watering chicken or delicious sweets made were irresistible and healthy. The reason is her love with which she always picked best for us.

 food that tastes like your mom

In India, our moms spend considerable amounts of time doing the preparations for each Indian delicacy, and this is a custom still observed in various households across the country. The Masalas they use in curries and stir-fries are typically made with hands using fresh ingredients and spices.

Recreating those old childhood memories and adding the touch of her love is tough but you can try out some recipes using Orco’s organic spices. Their rich aroma and taste will make your dish interesting.

Some quick tips to make food similar to your mom’s:

  • Try to use fresh ingredients
  • Use organic spices
  • Follow her recipe
  • Follow her hacks for storing things like onion in a cool dry place
Try Organic Spices to Make your food taste Better, like you Mom’s

Organic spices are the best in terms of taste, quality and health benefits. They don't contain any preservatives or other harmful elements which means they reap all these amazing perks without having to sacrifice flavor!

Organic spices have a more natural taste than conventional flavors because they typically lack chemicals that infuse them with artificial flavoring. The only thing organic spices need is love - from you cooking up your food dish for example- so give them some by buying just one next time you're out at the grocery store!

As spices are fertilized with organic manure as well as biofertilizers when organically grown, they have a high nutrient content. Because no artificial compounds influence the chemical composition, ORCO’s organically produced spices have a fresher fragrance and taste.

Besides the health benefits, organically grown foods avoid pollution of the soil, water sources and water table. While much work is being conducted to figure out whether organically grown spices are actually more beneficial than those grown with chemicals, it does not at least have the adverse effects of the chemicals, which would be worth the extra pennies you have to dig out of your wallets. So if you’d like to think good, think organic!  

Some organic ready masalas that enhance the flavours:

1. Turmeric powder:

For centuries, Indians have been using turmeric as a means of adding flavor to their dishes. Turmeric has an earthy and pungent taste that is often used in Indian cooking for curries, sabzis, appetizers, soups or any other dish you can think of. It also offers many medicinal properties with its anti-inflammatory benefits.
ORCO's Turmeric Powder is processed in neatly maintained hygienic conditions and hence, is 100% pure. Moreover, it is rich in Curcumin which reduces inflammation, keeps you away from microbial infection, and boosts the immunity of the body.

2. Chilli powder:

Chili powder is a powerful spice that can be found in cuisines all over the world. Depending on which type of chili you use, its level of spiciness varies- so some have way more kick than others! Though it's often used to add heat and spice to dishes like curries or soups,chilli pepper is also common as an ingredient for dishes from all around the world.

ORCO's Chillies are processed in neat and clean facilities to preserve the natural flavour of the chillies and give it a fresh red colour.

3. Coriander powder:

Coriander powder is a spice that balances the flavor of any food dish. It has been said to have an earthy taste, with perfume-like qualities and can be used in starters, curries or subzis for balance and enhanced flavors overall!

4. Garam masala:

Garam masala is a perfect and balanced mix of various spices that are often the secret ingredient in Indian cooking. It's strong flavour should be used sparingly, but it also has many medicinal properties!

5. Cumin seeds:

Cumin seeds are a whole spice and are used frequently in Indian cooking. They have a nutty yet mild flavor that is often found as the main ingredient of tadka, dal, or any other dish to give it an aromatic vibe and rich taste

6. Kitchen King Masala

Kitchen King Masala is a spice blend that works wonderfully when added to Punjabi dishes, curries and subzis. This classic spice mix adds lordly taste and mild subdued flavor to the recipes it's used in. It imparts an appetizing golden hue for Punjabi dishes or sabzi as well!


Nothing can match the taste and flavor of your mom’s food but these organic spices will help you to bring the real authentic taste which is healthy.

Try recreating those old childhood memories with Orco spices.


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