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Mustard Types, Uses, And Differences

by Organic Condiments on November 03, 2020

It's so fascinating to see the wide stretched fields of amber yellow flowers with a kelly green base. "Mustard", stands third in its consumption after soya bean and palm oil. Do we only get oil from mustard or they are loaded with tons of qualities to serve?


What To Know About Mustards?

There is a lot to know about mustards, from ancient civilization to the present era, the qualities of this marvelous condiment has never changed. The Mustard seed is a condiment from the Mustard Plant of the family Brassicaceae, which is growing across the world for a variety of uses.

It is said that Mustard was the first condiment to be used in foods by humans. Also, the Romans followed by ancient Greeks were the first who ground the spicy seeds to make a paste with different solvents like water, vinegar, etc. They used to refer to mustard paste as a miracle remedy.

French monarch “Louis XI” used to travel along with this condiment wherever he went. He has considered this as an essential thing to add into the dish whenever he gets disappointed or has the fear of disappointment by the served meal.


Benefits that Mustards Posses:

This is very clear by its use from the ancient times that the dominance of this condiment over all the others is above the knowledge of us. From the times in which it is known as a miracle remedy for all sorts of pain, to the times at present known for healing all kinds of ailments from inflammation of asthma to migraine. As the advancement in technology is uplifting, more we are getting the depth qualities of this stunning condiment. 

  • Mustard seeds provide a rich source for selenium thus having an anti-inflammatory effect. Along with the selenium, it's a rich source of magnesium too, thus beneficial to patients with asthma attacks, rheumatoid arthritis, and high blood pressure.

  • It's quite common these days that people are lacking appetite. So, mix some black mustard seeds with milk and have this mix 25-20 minutes before sleep. Mustard seeds help in increasing the metabolic rate and thus helps to improve appetite.

  • If you want protection from any cell damage and several diseases have these stunning seeds in your diet. When the plant seeds are damaged by chewing, it releases Glucosilonate (which further contains isothiocyanate and sinigrin) that can stop cancer cell growth and protection from various bacterial, fungal, and viral attacks.

  • For people affected with TYPE II diabetes, if they take green mustard’s thick soup along with the blood sugar-lowering medication, it can help a lot.

  • Contact Dermatitis in which the body develops an itchy rash after the contact of an allergen can also be heeled quickly with reduced symptoms.


Mustard And Their Types:

Mustard is a numerous faced condiment each vibing with the different colors around us. But if we talk about the majorly used type then we come across three of them. Yellow mustard, Brown Mustard and Oriental Mustard.

Coming firstly to the Yellow Mustard, they are also known as American Mustard because of its major consumption by America for the production of mayonnaise, salad dressing, or any type of condiment use. The major use of this condiment by the Americans is done in Hot Dog preparation.

Brown Mustard and the Oriental Mustards are prepared for the production of more spicy products and condiments than yellow mustards. Brown mustard is more reddish to dark brown and is mostly exported to European countries, while Oriental Mustards are more light to dark yellow and are more exported to Asian countries for various condiment productions.


How To Use It In Different Ways?

From the very past, the use of this special condiment has increased a lot with the increasing knowledge of its potential. 

Before roasting your lamb, pork or turkey, rub it with mustard; to your creamy pasta, add some grainy seeds to make it more acidic to taste; if you are thinking of preparing Chicken then mustard seeds can brighten your recipe by bringing a lovely glaze to it.

If we look into the industrial uses, then it has the quality that can be utilized for medicinal, foods, beverages, and cosmetics. But the most important above all is the preparation of mustard oil, it is 40% of the total mustard produced in the country.



Despite its beauty in the field, they show their stunning qualities to us in numerous ways. Not from recent years only, but the beginning of civilization. They are used in every household for various remedies and culinary purposes. Diversity in the type of Mustard is also there, but it all serve in different ways. Yellow Mustard, Brown Mustard, and Oriental are the major varieties favored across the world to make various condiments for this. India gets more imports of oriental mustard for the mustard oil preparation. So, make yourself more involved in the qualities of this wonderful condiment to get to know more about it.


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