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Healthy vegan protein bars for all your nutrition needs

by Organic Condiments on October 13, 2021

With few ingredients and easy preparation methods, the vegan protein bars are one of the best storable protein bites from plant-based sources and are also delicious. 

Have you ever tried making your own vegan protein bars? Whether this is your first attempt or not, we know you’ll fall in love with these protein bars and they’ll become an instant addition to your healthy meal routine as they are super tasty and nutritious.

We present to your healthy homemade no-bake vegan protein bars made with dates, oats, protein powder, and super yum peanut butter, along with optional mix-ins like chocolate chips and organic chia seeds. These vegan protein bars can be stored easily in your freezer. You can whip up a batch anytime, freeze them away for weeks or months, and grab one anytime you’re hungry or stepping out.

This healthy vegan recipe is naturally sweetened with dates and turns out to be absolutely delicious. This no-bake vegan bar recipe comes together in your food processor and you don’t even have to turn on your oven. These vegan protein bars are healthy, high-protein and make for a super-filling snack, post-workout treat and an excellent on-the-go breakfast.

vegan protein bars

Nutrition Facts:

1 serving of vegan protein bar contains:

  • Calories: 237 kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 29 g
  • Protein: 11g
  • Fat: 10 g
  • Saturated Fat: 2 g
  • Cholesterol: 10 mg
  • Potassium: 292 mg
  • Fibre: 4 g
  • Sugar: 14 g
  • Vitamin A: 29 IU
  • Calcium: 65 mg
  • Iron: 1 mg

Ingredient (for a serving of 12 bars):

  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • ¼ cup ORCO organic jaggery powder
  • 1 and a ½ cups of rolled oats
  • 2 tablespoons ORCO organic chia seeds
  • ½ cup vanilla protein powder
  • ¼ teaspoon ORCO organic black salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ORCO organic cardamom powder
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons almond milk

About the Ingredients:

  • Vanilla Protein Powder: Protein powders are a popular nutritional supplement. Protein is an essential macronutrient that helps our bodies to build muscle and repair tissue. Regular use of protein powder may also aid in weight loss and help with muscle toning.
  • ORCO Organic Jaggery Powder: Jaggery is a natural sweetener that’s also a healthier alternative to refined white sugar. Jaggery has the ability to cleanse your body, act as a digestive agent and as a blood purifier. It can also sweeten your food in a healthy manner, and provide good amounts of minerals.
  • Rolled Oats: Oats are known as one of the healthiest grains on earth. They’re gluten-free whole grains loaded with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidant plant compounds.
  • Peanut Butter: Peanut butter contains nutrients that may boost a person’s heart health and improve blood sugar levels and offers healthy fats, is low in carbs, and it tastes scrumptious.
  • ORCO Organic Chia Seeds: Chia seeds provide an insoluble fibre that helps to keep you fuller for longer and helps to prevent constipation. They also deliver healthy fats, minerals, protein and cell-protecting antioxidants. Using chia seeds in meals for type 2 diabetes treatments improves cardiovascular disease risks and even helps maintain good glucose and lipid control.
  • Almond Milk: Almond milk has a pleasant, nutty flavour and a creamy texture. It is also a popular choice for people following a vegan diet and those who are allergic or intolerant to dairy. It is also naturally rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and is low in calories.
  • ORCO Organic Black Salt: Organic black salt is considered a cooling spice in ayurvedic medicine. Black salt is also used to add taste and flavour to food. Black salt is one of the best alkaline for the body and it reduces acid reflux while balancing the acid production in the stomach.
  • ORCO Organic Cardamom Powder: Organic cardamom powder adds wonderful flavour to any dish or snack. It also gives a faint fragrance and adds an aroma to food. It also provides various health benefits like stimulating the digestive system and helping in reducing gas problems. It is also considered beneficial for people suffering from asthma and bronchitis.


  1. Add the peanut butter, ORCO organic jaggery powder and rolled oats to the bowl of a food processor. Pulse several times, until the mixture breaks down and the ingredients begin to incorporate with one another. Scrape the mixture down from the sides of the bowl then add the ORCO organic chia seeds, ORCO organic black salt, ORCO organic cardamom powder, vanilla protein powder and 2 tablespoons of almond milk. Pulse until all ingredients are blended well.
  2. Check the consistency of the dough. When you pick up a small handful of it and squeeze, it should hold together and resemble cookie dough. If it is too dry, continue pulsing while adding 1 tablespoon of almond milk at a time, until you reach the right consistency.
  3. Line an 8x8 - inch baking pan with parchment paper, leaving the overhang on two sides like handles.
  4. Transfer mixture into the prepared baking pan and press it into an even flat layer. Now put the pan in the freezer for 15 minutes or refrigerate for around 1 hour, until the bars firm up.
  5. Lift the bars from the baking pan using the parchment handles and transfer it onto a cutting board. Slice it into bars of the desired size and enjoy healthy vegan protein bars whenever you like.

Recipe Variations:

  • Chocolate Protein Bars: Use chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla protein powder.
  • Protein Bars with Flax: Swap ORCO organic flax seeds for the ORCO organic chia seeds.

Store and Freeze VEGAN Protein Bars:

  • To store: You can store the healthy bars in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks as due to their “no-bake” consistency, the bars will become soft at room temperature.
  • To freeze: Place the bars in an airtight freezer-safe storage container and you can freeze it for up to 3 months.

ORCO Products used:

  • ORCO Organic Jaggery Powder
  • ORCO Organic Chia Seeds
  • ORCO Organic Black Salt
  • ORCO Organic Cardamom Powder

The brand ORCO not only conveys the need of a shift that we must make towards organic, but it also signifies purity and authenticity. Orco offers a wide range of spices and seeds including chai masala, organic methi, organic mutton masala, organic chicken tikka masala, organic sambhar masala and seeds like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and a lot more. We have pledged to provide our customers with the best in the market, natural, chemical-free and tastiest organic spices.


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