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The Top 5 Spices You Need In Your Pantry and How to Use Them

by Organic Condiments on August 03, 2021

Indian cuisines have evolved over centuries as a product of diverse cultural influences. If you're a fan of Indian food, then you know that the key to authentic flavors is authentic spices! They are delicious, healthy, and balance hot spices with cooling herbs. Indian cuisine takes it to the next level with their rich and spicy dishes.

These spices are significant more because of their medicinal properties and the power they offer to heal, boost immunity, and increase longevity. The main origin of spices can be roots, stems, leaves, barks, flowers, seeds, or pods. These parts give a stronger flavor and are usually considered as a natural immunity booster that helps to keep the danger of coronavirus at bay. The spices are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic that maintains a perfect balance between the various parts of your body.

In this blog, we are going to talk about 5 must have top spices for your pantry. These five must have organic spices will make all the difference in your next curry recipe and come with their own health benefits too!


Let's explore 5 Spices that are a must in an Indian Kitchen

# Cinnamon


The hot-sweet cinnamon that chefs all over the world are using in their desserts to give them a little extra depth of flavor also helps control blood sugar levels! Scientists have theorized that it mimics the action of insulin, allowing excess sugar to move out and into cells. It may potentially prevent cholesterol problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, among other things.

While it may seem convenient to keep your ground cinnamon in jars, there is a catch. Powdered cinnamon will begin to lose its flavour after just a couple of months and can even develop an unpleasant musty odor over time if kept inadequately sealed or stored near other spices. You can use powdered cinnamon in dishes like masalas that need strong flavours; for vegetable curries, and meat dishes!

Recipe: Try our amazing cinnamon oatmeal pancake recipe.

# Turmeric

Turmeric is an ancient spice that has a variety of uses, but most notably it can be found in Indian cuisine. Its health benefits are largely attributed to the antioxidant “Curcumin” which prevents chronic illnesses such as cancer and asthma. Curcumin also helps protect our eyesight by keeping them from getting irritated or inflamed due to allergens like pollen!

This powerful antioxidant has been shown to protect your body’s every organ, promote health, prevent or treat ailments such as allergies, asthma cancer colitis depression type 2 diabetes eye infections gum diseases heart disease- the list goes on!

How to use turmeric? It is almost always sold in the ground form since it's very hard to grind at home. Sprinkle a teaspoon of turmeric into any dish while frying the masalas, and you should make sure that you're using up a pack within 2 months or else its aromatic flavors are lost!


# Coriander

The health benefits of coriander are great and in fact, it can be used to treat a variety of ailments. It's been proven that the potent oils found within these seeds provide quick relief for things like constipation or bloating--it also soothes digestive problems such as IBS and abdominal discomfort. Coriander is believed to prevent other diseases including insomnia, eczema, high blood pressure, liver disease, ulcers, colon cancer among many others!

You know what's so great about coriander? You can buy it as seeds and use them to make delicious scented powder, or you could just go with the ground variety. Either way is fine for adding a bit of flavor in all your cooked dishes and roasts!


# Black Pepper

Black pepper is a spice that people don't always associate with Indian cooking, but it's used in aromatic cuisine all the time. What you might not know about this common ingredient though are the benefits to digestion, upset stomachs and congestion - as well as stopping bleeding when applied directly to cuts? But what's really amazing is how black pepper helps your body generate heat by boosting metabolism and immunity too!

Did you know that pepper, an ingredient used in most Indian cooking for flavor and medicinal purposes, is the only spice native to India? In addition to being ground fresh or fried with masalas (spice mixes) before adding them into dishes during preparation, black peppercorns can also be sprinkled on top of a dish after it has been cooked.

Black Pepper

# Ginger

Ginger is the magic to any nausea or stomach pain that you are experiencing. Not only does ginger help with chronic illnesses like asthma and arthritis, but it can also prevent a heart attack from happening by regulating blood pressure levels in your body.

The best part about using this miracle spice? It's easy on the taste buds!

Ginger can be used in a variety of dishes to add flavor and spice. Fresh ginger root is more potent than the dried, ground spice so store fresh peeled ginger root in paper bags with your vegetables or fruits for extra crispness. Add grated pieces to both dry masala mixtures as well as gravy mixes when you are cooking different types of dishes - it's never too late to make adjustments!

But if your pantry lacks some of these essential organic spices, it's time to go shopping.




Although, you need much more than the spices mentioned above to enrich your dish with the oodles of flavors. However, these are the basic must have spices which can make any dish interesting to eat and healthy at the same time. At Orco, our spices are processed using old traditional methods hence the nutritional value remains intact.

Try our range of organic spices all and say yes to healthy and clean eating.



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