Organic White Sesame Seeds
Organic White Sesame Seeds

Organic White Sesame Seeds

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    Completely hand-made and produced & manufactured organically; Orco’s white sesame or til comes with a flavour that will complete both your body and your dishes.

    Spotted in multiple preparations throughout the span of Indian dishes- from laddoos to gajaks, white sesame is truly  the snowfall of Indian winter. Considered a super food; white sesame is a powerhouse of nutrients and a generator of energy and heat for the body. Rich in antioxidants which help you age slower and filled with vitamins, these seeds aid bone, skin & digestive health. Roast them and add them to your favourite dishes for a crunchy experience and a mild, husky aftertaste. They can be fried, sprouted and soaked too, or also used as is.

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