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Organic Raita Masala
Organic Raita Masala - orcospices
Organic Raita Masala - orcospices

Organic Raita Masala

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    Organic Raita Masala


    Organic Coriander, Organic Cumin whole, Organic Amchoor, Natural Black Salt, Organic Red Chili Whole, Organic Black Pepper.


    Make that daily bowl of curd healthier and also tastier with our Organic Raita Masala. Handpicked and hand-ground; the absence of machines helps retain all vital nutrients. This blend contains pure Organic Cumin Whole, Organic Amchoor, a pinch of Natural Black Salt, & Organic Black Pepper with Organic Red Chilli Whole- sans the synthetic additives. With an aromatic aftertaste after each bite, this handcrafted blend is truly the perfect health fix. 

    Orco’s Organic Raita Masala brings this wonderful taste to your Raita- so that you can stay healthy and also enjoy a rich taste with your everyday meals.

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