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tandoori masala
Organic Tandoori Masala
Organic Tandoori Masala

Organic Tandoori Masala

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    Organic Tandoori Masala


    ORCO'S Organic Tandoori Masala is a spice blend containing the following spices and condiments-

    • Organic Coriander
    • Organic Cumin Whole
    • Organic garlic powder
    • Organic Ginger slices
    • Organic Cloves
    • Organic Mace
    • Organic Fenugreek Seeds
    • Organic Cinnamon
    • Organic Black Pepper
    • Organic Cardamom
    • Organic Nutmeg

    This purely hand-ground mix is completely free from any sort of chemicals.

    The spices used in preparing this masala to add a robust flavour and aroma to all your tandoori dishes- be it paneer tikka, soya chaap, mushroom tikka, or any other.

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