Organic Jaggery Powder
Organic Jaggery Powder

Organic Jaggery Powder

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    Like everything else at Orco, our all-new jaggery powder is purely hand-made and hand-ground, too. A true authentic flavor has been so retained, that this powder when consumed in any form brings back memories you never knew you had.


    Jaggery or Gur has had a special place in the heart of Indian cuisine for a long, long time. Jaggery powder helps boost immunity and also promotes weight loss. It cleanses the body by purifying blood and helps with constipation and intestinal health. Mostly consumed during winters to keep the body warm, it’s a natural sweetener that has an ample amount of benefits and a vast history of usability. Made with sugar cane, Jaggery can be used as a post-dinner snack, in the form of a roti, with warm water among many more. Additionally, jaggery powder has also been proven to help aid menstrual pain (being a good source of energy) and joint pain. Well, the benefits are endless, and so is our stock. Grab your share of jaggery now and turn your life around to a healthier, energized, and fitter one.


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