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Immunity Booster Combo
Immunity Booster Combo
Immunity Booster Combo
Immunity Booster Combo
Immunity Booster Combo
Himalayan Pink Salt - orcospices

Immunity Booster Combo

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    Immunity Booster Combo

    What’s Inside:

    • 1 x 100g Organic Kadha
    • 1 x 100g Organic Golden Milk Masala
    • 1 x ORCO Organic Cook Book
    • 1 x ORCO Discount Voucher


    • People with a weak immune system have a higher risk of experiencing frequent infections and severe symptoms.
    • Thus, we curated an immunity-boosting combo pack that consists of two very strong blends of herbs that will help strengthen your immune system.
    • These flavoursome beverages are made of raw material procured from the finest lands ensuring 100% authenticity.
    • This pack will not only help you stay strong and fit during the times of COVID-19 but also otherwise during regular times. 
    • The first pack is of our famous organic golden milk masala that is usually called ‘HALDI DOODH’ in India and is a very popular age-old Ayurvedic drink. Drank by many in India for curing a cold and cough.
    • Orco’s Golden Milk Masala is made of 50% Organic Turmeric containing 4% of curcumin and other spices like Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Pepper, and Organic Cardamom that not only makes it healthy but also leaves a flavour which is often missing in our bland Haldi milk made at home. When had with milk this drink is no less than a Turmeric latte waiting to be served at tea time. 
    • Our next Orco Masala packet brings to you the 95% organic Kadha made with only the essential ingredients required to give your immune system a kickstart. Other than being a super drink this Kadha will remind you of the very famous Kashmir Kahwah.
    • It includes Organic dry ginger, Organic cinnamon, Organic cardamom, Organic Black pepper, Organic Mulethi, Organic Basil Leaves, and Natural Giloy (only 5%) just as much required.
    • Once tasted it leaves a sweet after-taste for your taste buds to enjoy. You don’t have to just drink it for the sake of your health but also enjoy it for its taste. This beautiful organic beverage is specially curated by our in-house chefs.
    • All these organic spices have a certain health benefit which cannot be ignored and we are already used to their authentic flavour.
    • The brand ORCO not only conveys the need of a shift that we must make towards organic, but it also signifies purity and authenticity.

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