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Non Veg Mix Combo

Non Veg Mix Combo

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    Non Veg Mix Combo

    What's Inside:

    • 1 x 100g Organic Chicken Masala
    • 1 x 100g Organic Mutton Masala
    • 1 x 100g Organic Fish Masala


    • Relive the authentic flavours of your favourite Chicken, Mutton, or Fish with this organic hand-ground masala mix.
    • Aiming for the true, original taste; this masala mix includes all the subtle flavours that complement it.
    • With each badge carefully ground by hand to ensure complete purity, every meal cooked is like a feast for the soul.
    • With endless Indian recipes containing Chicken, Mutton, & Fish; it’s sometimes difficult to even count the number of variations to cook.
    • Orco’s Organic Chicken Masala, Organic Mutton Masala, and Organic Fish Masala brings taste and satisfaction to the table; while remaining a healthy blend.
    • The brand ORCO not only conveys the need of a shift that we must make towards organic, but it also signifies purity and authenticity.

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