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Milk Masala Combo

Milk Masala Combo

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    Milk Masala Combo

    What's Inside-

    1 x 100g Organic Chai Masala, 1 x 100g  Organic Golden Milk Masala.


    A pinch of the right spice makes all the difference in a recipe with one giving you the energy and the other with the goodness of health benefits.

    Masala Chai holds a special space in the Indian household. ORCO’s Organic Chai Masala is the secret behind making the perfect Masala Chai.

    Golden Milk Masala is milk mixed with ground turmeric powder to match our fast-paced world, where, running out the door has become the norm and being on a schedule is the priority that we have forgotten how some simple things like our mom’s golden milk used to keep us in good health.

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