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5 reasons why you should include organic spices in your daily diet?

by Organic Condiments on August 05, 2021

Life without spices is like a dish with no salt or herbs. Spices make your food better. Organic food & spices are one of the most trending keywords these days. Due to the availability of loads of educational content on the kind of food you should consume to stay healthy, people are turning towards organic food, for the purest taste. Some of us are even planning to grow their own organic gardens to ensure they eat the highest quality nutrient rich food. People want to have the best delicacies with all the goodness in their plate.

why you should include organic spices

What are organic spices and what makes them so popular? Organic spices are the handpicked goodness for the delicious treat. They are pure and 100% authentic. They are different from regular spices because of the way they are cultivated and processed before they reach kitchens. They are chemical free and do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives which can impact our overall health in the long term.

Here are 5 reasons why you should include organic spices in your daily diets:

Price vs Quality

Many spices are adulterated with chemicals to reduce the cost of production. High-demand spices like turmeric powder and red chili pepper have artificial colours added such as food colouring, corn starch, sawdust, brick powder or lead chromate just to name a few. This is hazardous for our health because it can disrupt normal body function by adding these harsh colors that could be harmful in other ways too!

Whereas Organic spices are grown in a natural way. These crops are not exposed to chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides. To make sure that the spices grow well, organic manure is added as a natural fertilizer- it provides nutrients for plants which help them thrive without any unnatural additions or special treatment!

Due to lower exposure to chemicals, these organic spices have higher nutritional value at a reasonable price.

They are fresh and absolutely healthy

The raw spices are processed and packaged before they reach the market. To make it easier, cheaper, and standardized for all spice manufactures to do so without risking quality or flavor of their product many use chemicals in processing these spices - like anti-clumping agents during the process to avoid clumps from forming which can be harmful if ingested. For example: calcium silicate is used as an anti-caking agent that has been considered unsafe by some; yet this chemical alone doesn't hurt us when consumed but could lead to overall health problems down the road such as cardiovascular disease because of how our body takes longer than usual time absorbing nutrients due its high content on silicon dioxide

Organic spices are not only cultivated and processed organically, but also without the use of chemical preservatives. Organic spice products don't have any artificial coloring or flavorings added either; instead their shelf life is maintained naturally by taking much more care in harvesting them. All these factors add up to a better-tasting product for you when all else fails because it'll always be fresh off the farm!

Nutritional Value Of Organic Spices

Here’s a detailed view of the nutritional value that you can intake from them.

Name of Organic Spice

Nutritional Content Present in Per 100 gm


Protein – 9.12, Fat – 5.95, Iron – 11.50, Sodium – 32


Protein – 23, Fat – 6.41, Iron – 33.53, Sodium – 67


Protein – 10.76, Fat – 6.40, Iron – 13.97, Sodium – 18


Protein – 12.66, Fat – 7.04, Iron – 82.91, Sodium – 77


Protein – 7.83, Fat – 9.88, Iron – 41.42, Sodium – 38

Fennel Seed

Protein – 15.80, Fat – 14.87, Iron – 18.54, Sodium – 88


Protein – 3.89, Fat – 3.64, Iron – 38.07, Sodium – 26

They are more effective in fighting health issues

Organic spices contain more nutritional content because they are free from the impact of chemical fertilizers, unwanted fillers or colors. Unlike regular spices, organic spices are processed using stone chakkis which produce less heat during the process. Hence the organic spices successfully retain their nutrients and are more effective in treating illness like inflammation, etc. 

Boost Immunity

One of the best reasons to use organic spices is their medicinal properties. They can help prepare your body for many diseases and health issues, which may also include fighting off disease-causing bacteria that are in food you eat everyday. Garlic, cumin, turmeric and other natural spices have been known to be very effective at boosting immunity because they contain powerful antioxidants like iron or flavonoids that reduce inflammation throughout various parts of the human body while helping strengthen a person's immune system overall as well.

Better Taste 

Organic produce is grown without harmful chemicals, meaning the plants' phytonutrients can grow and create a more fertile resource for producing flavor. The absence of certain chemicals also provides an opportunity to highlight terroir in many herbs and spices!

Things to check before you buy organic spices:

  • Read labels to check for ingredients. Check if it is GMO-free.
  • Check if it is certified by any renowned food agency like FSSAI to ensure its authenticity.
  • Read online reviews about the product.


Herbs and spices have always been an integral part of our kitchen. Every dish we cook requires certain herbs without which the Indian recipes are incomplete.

Organic products offer a lot to your health in different ways, Using them means you'll get their full flavor as well as boosting metabolism, improving immunity against disease-causing bacteria or viruses (including colds!), aiding digestion - all while keeping it eco-friendly so no pesticides or chemicals are used during cultivation for any kind of produce! 

So don't forget to use these natural wonders when cooking up something delicious. For the divine taste, choose spoonful magic of authentic flavor. Eat healthy and smile. Try Orco’s 100% organic spices now.

Source: What Are the Benefits of Consuming Organic Spices? - 24 Mantra Organic

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