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Top 11 health benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

by Organic Condiments on October 04, 2021

Packed with proteins, carbohydrates and minerals makes a long list of Health benefits of pumpkin seeds that include heart health, gut health, reduced risk of certain cancers, better digestive health and much more.

Pumpkin seeds are small, but they pack a nutritional punch. Eating just one or two can provide you with beneficial fats and nutrients like magnesium and zinc that promote heart health prostate cancer protection. Pumpkin seed consumption is not only easy to incorporate into your diet it has been scientifically linked as an effective way of living longer too.

We bring you the top 11 health benefits of pumpkin seeds and the reasons why you should start including the pumpkin seeds in your daily diet.

health benefits of pumpkin seeds
  1. Full of Nutrients

The Mexican Spanish term for pumpkin seeds, “pepita” is actually derived from the Latin word pepos meaning great-great-grandfather; therefore, these small green and oval-shaped shells are our ancestors' legacy. Pumpkin seed varieties can be found in countries around the world.

One ounce (28 grams) of shell-free pumpkin has roughly 151 calories with a lot more protein than fat, making it perfect as an anytime snack or toppings on your favourite dishes like salads & sandwiches alike. Pumpkin Seeds also pack plenty of other nutrients including vitamin B2 riboflavin which helps prevent oxidative damage cells may suffer due to environmental stressors.

 In addition, a 1-ounce (28-gram) serving contains:

 Fibre: 1.7 grams

Carbs: 5 grams

Protein: 7 grams

Fat: 13 grams (6 of which are omega-6s)

Vitamin K: 18% of the RDI

Phosphorus: 33% of the RDI

Manganese: 42% of the RDI

Magnesium: 37% of the RDI

Iron: 23% of the RDI

Zinc: 14% of the RDI

Copper: 19% of the RDI


  1. Rich in Antioxidants:

Studies show that organic pumpkin seeds contain antioxidants. These can reduce inflammation and protect your cells from harmful free radicals, which is why consuming foods rich in this element has been proven to help prevent many diseases. There are high levels of these compounds found in pumpkins itself as well; one study showed rats with arthritis had improved symptoms when fed on oil made out of them rather than an anti-inflammatory drug.


  1. Less risk of certain cancers:

Among the most talked health benefits of pumpkin seeds are their ability to reduce the risk of certain cancers. Diets rich in pumpkin seeds have been associated with a reduced risk of stomach, breast, lung prostate, and colon cancers. A large observational study found that eating them was also linked to an improved survival rate for postmenopausal women diagnosed with early-stage Breast Cancers.

Researchers believe this may be due to the presence of lignans which are believed to halt or even stop cancer cell growth from developing further into what we term "cancerous" cells; these same benefits seem possible when consuming foods high on fibre content like pumpkins (or other similar squash) as well!


  1. Better Prostate and Bladder Health:

Did you know that pumpkin seeds may reduce the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)? A condition in which your prostate gland enlarges, causing problems with urination and sexual performance? That's what several studies found for humans. In a one-year study over 1,400 men who had been diagnosed with BPH after experiencing difficulties due to an enlarged organ, those eating more than seven ounces per day experienced improvements such as reduced bothersome night-time visits or trouble getting up during daytime hours because they could not get out of bed without assistance from others at least once before going back inside again while also reporting better quality A new discovery has come about when looking into how we can use these tiny but mighty marvels; the Pumpkin Seeds.


  1. Rich in Magnesium:

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best natural sources of magnesium — a mineral that is often lacking in the diets of many adult populations around the world.

Magnesium is needed for more than 600 chemical reactions in your body. For example, adequate levels of magnesium are important for:

  • Controlling blood pressure.
  • Reducing heart disease risk.
  • Forming and maintaining healthy bones.
  • Regulating blood sugar levels
  1. Healthy Heart:

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of antioxidants, magnesium and fatty acids — all the health benefits of pumpkin seeds you could ever want. Animal studies have also shown that pumpkin seed oil may reduce high blood pressure or cholesterol levels in people who already suffer from these conditions - two important risk factors for heart disease.

A 12-week study conducted on postmenopausal women found that by supplementing with Pumpkin Seed Oil they were able to significantly lower diastolic readings (the bottom number) by 7% while increasing their "good" HDL cholesterol 16%. Other research suggests how pumpkin’s ability aid nitric oxide generation within our body which helps keep us healthy.


  1. Reduce blood sugar level:

In animal studies, pumpkin has been shown to have a significant effect on reducing blood sugar levels. This is especially important for people who struggle with diabetes and may need help in controlling their high-sugar intake.

In some cases, supplementing with juice or powder from pumpkins was found effective at lowering the amount of medication needed by patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium which seems responsible for its positive effects against this condition; an observational study conducted over 127 thousand subjects showed that diets containing more than 302 mg per day had 33% less risk compared to those consuming under 200mg/day.


  1.  Fibre-Rich:

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of dietary fibre — shelled seeds provide 1.1 grams in a single serving. A diet high in fibre can promote good digestive health and may reduce the risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or obesity.


  1. Better Sperm Quality:

Another important health benefit of pumpkin seeds is that it is a great source of zinc, which is essential for fertility especially in men. In addition to that, they provide many other nutrients including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

The pumpkin seed's oil appears to possess cancer preventive properties as well. So not only does it boost your testosterone levels by improving overall health but also protects you from various diseases such as infertility due to poor sperm quality resulting in low count or mobility.


  1. Better Sleep:

If you're having trouble sleeping, consider eating some pumpkin seeds before bed. They are a natural source of tryptophan and will help promote sleep. However - just one gram of the amino acid should be enough for most people so seven ounces isn't necessary (200 grams). Alongside their zinc content which helps convert this important nutrient into serotonin that regulates your body's circadian rhythm or "body clock" as well as melatonin which makes sure we feel sleepy at night--pumpkin seeds make them an excellent addition to any diet looking for magnesium-rich food.


  1. Easy Diet Intake:

If you want to experience the benefits of pumpkin seeds, they’re easy to incorporate into your diet. In many countries, they’re a popular snack that can be eaten either raw or roasted, salted or unsalted.

You could incorporate them into meals by sprinkling them into salads, soups, or cereals. Some people use pumpkin seeds in baking, as an ingredient for sweet or savoury bread and cakes. However, as with many seeds and nuts, they contain phytic acid, which can reduce the bioavailability of some nutrients.



Orco organic pumpkin seeds are the perfect snack, rich in plant-based protein. They're packed with nutrients and have powerful antioxidants, which can help solve dietary deficiencies as well protect against various health problems like heart disease or certain cancers. In fact, their rich content in vitamins might even provide other benefits such as improved energy levels and moods along with an increased immune function for you to enjoy all that these tasty treats have to offer.

Health benefits of pumpkin seeds are well served to you and you and now it’s your turn to do the heavy lifting. Means just to and buy few packs of organic pumpkin seeds from Orco’s large collection of organic and healthy seeds. A great way of adding them into your diet would be sprinkling some on top of breakfast cereal if it doesn't already come naturally seasoned - but don’t worry; they'll still taste just ducky thanks to their delicious flavour.

Try Orco’s organic pumpkin seeds today and stay healthy.

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