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Common Food Additives - Should You Avoid Them?

by Organic Condiments on June 22, 2021

With the advancement in technology and increasing materialism among people, many food additives and adulterants are added by sellers to earn huge profits and fool people in the name of healthy. Due to this approach slowly and gradually we all are suffering from it and developing many chronic disorders in our healthy growing body.

Now you must be thinking that if they are harmful then why we tend to purchase them? Are they not visible to naked eyes that make of conscious for not purchasing them?

Your question is right that if we are criticizing them and are harmful then also we purchase them, but my friends it is very ironic that the food additives or adulterants are better known as silent killers look the same as that of the original food product that we can't even identify them without laboratory testing. Friends, it is a very grief-stricken situation condition existing around the globe, that in between the fight of manufacturer and seller to earn benefits, the common man is suffering everywhere with innumerable diseases.

The question that arises now is what are those common additives used in food that make it unhealthy to consume?

There are many food additives against which the various laws are made. The list includes bisphenols, phthalates, perfluoroalkyl chemicals, percolate, and whatnot. These all additives interfere with the immune system of the person that immediately leads to poor functioning of the immune system. They even interfere with thyroid functioning and thereby creating an imbalance in brain development. This disorder can be seen in young growing children. Phthalates also interfere with male genital development and increase the risk of obesity or cardiovascular diseases.

 Many artificial food colors are also used whose symptoms can relatively be found in children. The artificial colors create hyperactivity disorders in children and interfere in their growth. 

Sometimes these chemicals in the forms of pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers, are added during the growing of crops for their early maturation, thereby creating ill effects afterward.

The adulterants are also used in the selling unit to increase the amount of profit. The quantity of spices is replaced with brick powder, artificial yellow food color, papaya seeds, stones, and many others. They can hamper the flavor and taste of food, thereby causing many diseases when a person consumes them unknowingly.

So how can we minimize the use of such harmful chemicals and how we can check them in a particular raw food product?

Firstly make yourself aware regarding different additives that might present in the food item. Fewer natural additives are good for health, so identify the best quality properly. While purchasing always refer to the ingredients list and various instructions already mentioned regarding the allergic reactions, some ingredients harmful to health. You should be more cautious about the canned products as they come under the perishable item and once expired can't be used afterward and if special care is not taken then it might cause severe diseases. But in case you are purchasing a loose item then always check for its quality through common tests that we can easily carry out at home. 

Also switching to organic products can help you a lot in eradicating this problem of the addition of adulterants or chemicals. Organic products are specially grown using new and eco-friendly techniques that allow you to remain healthy. They are free from harmful chemicals thereby acting as your perfect companion.

Thus, we can put the lid on the topic by saying, that always monitor your food product before consuming. This can prevent you from developing various diseases and can maintain your health easily. Also shifting towards organic can alter these problems. So be green, be healthy!!


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