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Most Commonly Used Spices In Italian Cooking

by Organic Condiments on June 01, 2021

Usually, Italian cuisines are known for the simplicity. The cuisines are prepared using fresh as well as dry spices to add the real flavors of nature. The organic spices are hand-picked, hand-pounded, and freshly packed following all the measures of hygiene. They enhance the aroma and taste of the Italian dishes to manifolds. Being 100% pure and without any adulterants, the spices brighten the color and complement them with the taste that is familiar to us. Italian foods are accepted globally and are one of the favorite cuisines of the entire population. Starting from delicious pizza, pasta and risottos, they are the means of giving love and relieving stress for all individuals.

Now you must be thinking that which organic spices can be exclusively used for Italian cooking?

Through a combination of many spices adds a perfect blend of exotic flavors some can be solely used by renowned chefs to especially prepare Italian cuisines. These spices add their strong flavors apart from the fresh ones. Now let us have a glance at the various spices that are almost exclusively used while preparing Italian cuisines.


From seasoning meat and fish to soups, stews, and sauces, Organic Bay Leaves are the perfect companion for all your Italian dishes. The leaves provide authentic flavors slowly during cooking instead of their instant effect, so the longer they are kept better is the flavor. They are also used in pickled vegetables, rice, meats as well as fish marinades.


Italian cuisines are known for their combination of warm and sweet flavors. Basil leaves are one of the most important ingredients while preparation of Pesto. The basil leaves when eaten raw does not taste much appealing to the taste buds but when used with tomatoes, the special dish called, Pappa al Pomodoro, is prepared that is loved by most people.


Italian dishes are never complete without the pinch of crushed red pepper. The dishes are normally seasoned or used as a major component of the dishes. Hot pepper can be added to pasta sauces, pizza, sausages, and many other exciting dishes to make them more meaningful.


Parsley is one of the most essential players in enhancing and enlivening the flavors of Italian cuisines. It provides robust flavors to pasta dishes, different sauces, soups, lemony risotto, and seafood salad. This ingredient can take a permanent place in your heart by enriching the aroma and taste.


Woody and warm sage are used for preparing non-tomato dishes mostly, like gnocchi, ravioli in butter, browned butter sauce, roasted butternut squash, and whatnot. The warm flavors can add goodness to your plate that makes you lick your fingers and revive the taste even after having it before many days.


Dried oregano can be used to provide a very impressive twist to the dishes. It can provide strong aromatic flavors along with a pinch of earthy and minty flavor. It is commonly used in preparing Sicilian dishes, grilled fishes, pasta sauces, pizza, and pie.

Last but not the least, we can conclude that our native dishes don't need to be the ones that can cheer you up but at the same time it is not exaggerating to say that Italian dishes are far apart from our hearts. We can twist them through various spices that are exclusively used, in our own desi tadka and make the best delicacies. So master your skills by trying several special dishes.


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