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Organic Spice Blends, The Most Needed Ingredient During Pandemic

by Organic Condiments on May 18, 2021

Beyond any doubt, ORGANIC SPICE BLENDS are one of the most important ingredients to embrace during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are the best option to boost your immunity and get rid of many different types of viruses existing in the surrounding air in the form of small aerosols.

Since the stone age, spice blends are one of the most preferred ingredients of Indian kitchens that enhances the taste and aroma of the dish. In these testing times when we all are somewhere locked in our homes and struggling to balance out our time between the office work, meetings, and preparing healthy meals to take care of our families, most of us are an inch away to eradicate this problem through organic spice blends that are the way to combat these problems. These spices provide an exotic taste to all your cuisines in less time with minimum preparation efforts with their several benefits.

Now you might be thinking that why the word, organic is being used again and again while all the spices give a similar taste?

So let us clarify the major doubt triggering in your mind. The ordinary spices are full of chemicals or preservatives that indirectly affect your health but organic spices are handpicked initially and then hand-ground in traditional chakki with no added colors or preservative, thus 100% fresh and pure. The spice mixes are like your perfect partner for preparing many restaurant-like dishes at home thereby improving your health. These versatile seasonings increase your appetite and act as an elixir for all your health-related issues.

The next question that must be coming to your subconscious mind may be what are those spices that impart health benefits? Which part of the spice should be consumed?

Basically, the main origin of spices can be roots, stems, leaves, barks, flowers, seeds, or pods. These parts give a stronger flavor and are usually considered as a natural immunity booster that helps to keep the danger of coronavirus at bay. The spices are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic that maintains a perfect balance between the various parts of your body.

Many organic spices are beneficial to your health as given below:

  • TURMERIC POWDER: The yellow-colored powder is known popularly for the warmth that it provides to your body. It makes your curries look more attractive due to the color that it imparts. It contains curcumin that is one of the most important antioxidants that completely keeps you away from the risk of infections. Also, it maintains the functioning of the brain and reduces the chances of Alzheimer's disease.
  • CINNAMON: It is the bark of the tree that can be eaten as a whole or in powdered form. This has a sweet and woody flavor that can be widely used in making tea, dry fruit milk, soups, curries, and many others. It contains a well-known compound cinnamaldehyde, that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • RED CHILLIS: The red chillis are an important booster for metabolism that has high capsaicin content. The red chillis keep your blood vessels healthy, thereby prevent blood clots in your body.
  • BLACK PEPPER: Being an antibacterial agent organic black pepper contributes to your overall health. It has greater amounts of vitamin C content that works as an antibiotic in your body.
Lastly, we can say that if you are looking for a restaurant-style menu even during the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, then you are just a step away from adopting the ORCO'S organic spices that illustrate a perfect picture of your cooking skills to all your family members.

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