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An Organic Mention, For A Homebody Sanction

by Organic Condiments on May 04, 2021

Times have been agonising, to state the least. Life has showed us a side of itself which is erratic and unbearable for some. But there’s light at the end of every tunnel and what’s important is that we’re all holding on. We’re all stuck in this together and doing our bit to help the greater cause is an unspoken duty. It is important that we all stick to taking precautionary measures against coronavirus. It is important to sanitise, socially distance and stay home.

Staying at home and spending time with family can be a blessing in disguise. While staying at home and following protocols, the right diet is another important choice to make. Consuming organic food is not only good for health but also helps boost immunity. Food varieties like mushrooms, tomato, bell pepper, and green vegetables like broccoli, spinach are additionally acceptable alternatives to building resilience in the body against contaminations. Fruits and vegetables rich in Beta carotene, ascorbic acids, and other vitamins ought to be on the grocery list. Gooseberries, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and turmeric are known for their immunity-boosting ability and are widely used in Indian kitchens.

Consumption of organic food and organic spices not only has health benefits but also equips you with the ability to support cleaner farming and contribute to the environmental benefits. Organic farming reduces pollution by skipping the use of fertilisers, pesticides, and other chemicals. Less soil erosion, water protection, and improved soil fertility and biodiversity are reliably more prominent in organic farming compared to conservational methods.

At Orco, India’s trusted source for clean and organic spices, you can find all the ingredients needed to spice up your food. We deliver your orders following safety protocols from manufacture to delivery. The workplace is regularly sanitised, the workers go through regular check-ups and use hand sanitisers and gloves at all times. By ordering with Orco, you are not only keeping yourself protected against the virus but are also empowering the women that put their hearts into producing and packing the best spices. Driven by women, Orco aims at providing marginalised women with employment opportunities that equip them for their livelihoods. Our spices are manually ground with no added colours and free of chemicals. High in nutrients, organic spices are just what you need to strengthen your protective walls against covid.

Moreover, we regularly maintain our presence on Social Media for all of our customers (and other public) to have a quick and easy access to product information, recipes and more facts.

Let’s huddle together and fight back with strength- and let all the strength you need come to you from healthy, home cooked, Organic food!


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