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Don’t Forget This Bathua Raita Recipe This Winter

by Organic Condiments on January 30, 2021

The Bathua Raita Recipe is usually made to provide access to a dish or dip for your main course food delights like parathas and kulchas.

Nothing beats the freezing surroundings of winter months than the Bathua leaves which when prepared in any form offers good nutrition along with warming up the body with its aroma and taste. In this blog, we will discuss Bathua raita recipe which will serve as a side dish to your main course. Let’s get to the ingredients that you need to make this awesome Bathua recipe from scratch.

Bathua raita recipe


  • 200 gm Bathua leaves
  • 1 cup yoghurt/curd
  • Organic black salt as per taste
  • ½ tsp organic cumin seeds
  • Organic raita masala as per taste
  • ½ tsp desi ghee
  • ½ tsp organic red chilli powder
  • 1 pinch hing (asafetida)


  • Plunk the fresh leaves of bathua and clean them in running water. Avoid yellowish leaves if any.
  • Boil the cleaned bathua leaves in a vessel for a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Once, the leaves are boiled, strain the water and let them cool down in another container or plate.
  • Once, the leaves the cooled, blend it into a thick paste in the blender. Avoid pouring water in the mixer jar because thicker puree is needed for this bathua raita recipe.
  • Whisk the yoghurt/curd in a bowl and add the prepared bathua puree, organic black salt and organic raita masala in it.
  • Then take a pan, add ½ tsp desi ghee and heat it. Once completely heated add organic cumin seeds.
  • As the splutters settles, add organic red chilli powder and hing turning off the flame immediately.
  • Pour the desi ghee and organic condiments mix into the yogurt bowl and cover it instantly to ensure that the bathua raita recipe is made with perfect aroma.
  • Now keep it in the refrigerator to cool it before serving with paratha, kulcha and other dishes.

Tip: During winters, it is best advised to avoid cooling the bathua raita further and let it stay at the room temperature for best taste.

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