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Cooking At Home

by Organic Condiments on March 01, 2020

Self-Isolation at Home – Indulging In Self-Care Through The Art Of Cooking

Has your employer implemented a work-from-home policy yet? Or have you isolated yourself at home away from the crowds as a safety precaution?

Whatever may be the case, by now due to the lockdown, all of us are staying inside in our homes and rarely venturing out.

While this is something that we are usually not accustomed to, it’s best to use this time to be your family and indulge in some cooking at home.

Rediscover the Joy and Beauty of Cooking – Stay Healthy and Happy

What better way to make the most of the free time you get at home amidst the health crisis we are going through right now, than rediscovering the art of cooking by preparing some great, healthy, immunity-boosting delicacies.

Is Cooking the Best Activity While at Home?

While you might have a lot on your plate with binge-watching, long zoom calls, and household work, taking time out for yourself is equally important.

During prolonged stay-at-home periods, cooking along with daily exercise can do wonders for you. 

Constant COVID news can stress a person out. In such a case, it’s important to de-stress by prioritizing your state of happiness and health.

Tip 1 – Stock the Necessary Essentials, But Stay Away from Panic-Induced Bulk Buying

Stocking up on the necessities is good, but do not hoard in panic as that could lead to 

Over to what you need to stock – Go for veggies and fruits that stay fresh longer. Pick up unsweetened fruits, low or no sodium veggies, dried fruits. More importantly, look to buy what is healthy and in line with your cooking habits and recipes which enhance immunity. Filling up your spices column with hand-ground organic spices is one aspect that is a key ingredient to cooking aromatic, flavourful and at the same time, immunity-boosting meals.

Tip 2 – Bring Out Those Forgotten Recipes

If you love making food, then there would be certain recipes that you would’ve loved to cook for many days, but might not have due to lack of time. Now, when you are at home, this is the right time to uncover those forgotten recipes. Surprise your spouse and family by serving up some delicious and different grub.

Tip 3 – Get Back To Grandma’s Time Tested Recipes

Traditional Indian food recipes, crafted by your mother or grandmother still hold the key to having hearty and healthy well-being. Also, these recipes have ingredients that can be easily found. 

With basic spices and food ingredients and a dash of hand-ground purity of organic spices, you can cook up a meal that will do make family meals all the more special. 

While we fight and wait for a cure to COVID-19, make the most of your lockdown by indulging in cooking and enjoying the benefits of fresh vegetables and organic spices.


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