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How To Keep Your Body Warm Naturally In Winters?

by Organic Condiments on December 07, 2020

Keeping your body covered with heavy clothes are not enough when you keep on losing body heat. Use organic spices on a daily basis to keep your body warm in winters.

 Winters are here and you might be looking out for new hoodies and jackets on the internet. But hey there, wait a minute and check out this little post on how to keep your body warm in the winters. Well, we know, you need those jackets and hoodies but keeping your body warm from within is really important before covering with various clothing.

IN this article, we will explain why you need to keep yourself warm and healthy from within and what are the simple ways to do it without spending much money or time on the same. Let’s dive. 

What If Your Body Didn't Get Enough Heat?

To keep your body warm in the chilly winters, you must be making great efforts. But what if you fail to cover the heat requirement for your organs? Because of less heat, your body's temperature will go down and may affect the heart directly or can lead to the complete failure of heart or respiratory organs and in severe cases, it can eventually lead to death. Which obviously you won’t like to deal with.

It has been researched that more deaths occur during winters then the summers months and in addition to this, half the death due to winter is because of respiratory failure. Second, is due to the coronary failure, which is due to the body fluid shifting because of cold wind exposure. 

Now the question is, where do the body loses its heat that they produce? There are four major ways in which your body can lose its heat.

  • Body loses most heat from breathing as warm air is exhaled form the lungs and cold air is inhaled with cools the internals of the lungs.
  • It can lose the heat by coming in direct contact with cold objects, water or floor.
  • It can lose the heat via freezing winds which can touch the body.
  • It can lose the heat by uncovered portion or the body as the rate of heat transfer increases through uncovered portion of body.

There are 'two ways' in which you can reduce the body heat losses and keep your body warm. The first one will include giving the heat from outside and the second one will include giving the heat from inside. Former one could be done by preventing yourself from cold surfaces, wearing full clothes, etc. But the later one could be done with eating foods that provides warmness for better functioning of body.


What Different Recipes You Can Prefer?

Giving the body a gift of warmness from inside can make it a good reservoir of heat and thus heat exchange will not affect much. For giving the warmness from inside, you have to change your diet accordingly.

  • Always try to use any of the winter spices in each dish. These spices have quality of great warmth in them, which can make each food winter ready. They are – cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, etc.
  • Hot beverages like Organic Kadha, Coffee, Tea, etc. Should be taken with a pinch of organic winter spices.
  • Include soups or hot stews to your evening snacks with the toppings of various other organic hot spices.


Some Hot Beverages That You Can Try:


Take turmeric and ginger, and crush it in a mortar and pestle. Meanwhile, boil the water in a saucepan. Add these two spices and in addition, add 'Tulsi' leaves for freshness of this Kadha. You can sweeten it with 'Jaggery' or ‘honey' and can enjoy this hot drink during winter months. 

keep your body warm

Take ginger, turmeric, cinnamon sticks and black pepper and grind them to powder. Now, warm the milk (prefer plant based such as soy, almond, coconut) on medium heat for few minutes and then remove from the stove. Mix these ground spices in it. Then add chunks of green cardamom and enjoy the healthy and warning drink. 


Peel the ginger and crush it and then keep it aside. Now, grind some other spices like- cardamom and black pepper. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, boil water and add crushed ginger and ground spices to it. Let them boil together for some minutes and then add fresh tea leaves to it and after this add sugar to it. After the mixture changes its colour to light yellow, add milk (Plant based milk preferred) to it and wait for 2 to 3 minutes and remove it from the stove. Add the chunks of cardamom at the time of serving and enjoy your hot masala tea.

 What Other Things You Can Do?

For insulating your body so to keep your heat exchange low, you have to make yourself covered and warm from outside. This can be done in various ways:

  • Take warm water bath daily and try to get yourself wrapped in warm clothes as soon as possible after the bath.
  • The head is the control system of the body, so your prime importance should be the protection of head as cold winds can create headaches.
  • You should cover the part of the body which can come in direct contact of the cold surfaces such as your hands or feet.
  • You should do daily exercises to keep your body warm.
  • If you are dressing for winters then dress in layers. Same thickness of one cloth will provide less insulation than several layers formed to the same thickness.


Frigid winters brings various difficulties to your inner body functioning. To overcome this difficulty, you have to keep your body warm so that all the functions work properly. We have covered both the ways of keeping your body warm and cosy which is internal and external. You should give importance to both side of the coin when it comes to protection from cold weather.

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