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Machine Made V/S Handground Spices

by Organic Condiments on March 16, 2021

With the advancement in technology mostly all of us are dependent on the machines for fulfilling our needs, starting from kitchen to travelling, we all are somewhere relied on technology. But have you ever thought that even in this modern era why traditional handmade chakki is popular among the people? Why most of the population is slowly and gradually preferring hand ground spices?

Basically Indian spices are known for their unique taste and sizzling aroma. But the mechanical grinders used now a days, take away the authentic flavor and aroma from the spices. The spices that you purchase from normal grocery shops do not provide strong flavor due to their processing in commercial grinders. This is because of the excess heat that is produced in the grinders, and in turn the nutrients get lost from them. Some spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cumin and coriander produce oil when grinded mechanically. After being ground on large scale, these spices are left over for many months in factory godowns where the rancidity of the spices increases and in turn they develop off flavors. Also the mechanical machinery used produces a lot of waste in the environment.

It is very hard to believe the fact that the people working in the factories that have huge mechanical grinders, suffer from various skin problems, respiratory disorder and even hearing loss, as quoted in the article from National Library of Medicine.

Why can’t we adopt the hand ground spices to avoid such major issues?

Hand ground spices are processed in handmade mill that is made up of wood due to which the spices are ground uniformly without using much heat and chemicals. Also the hand ground spices are hygienically prepared and are considered healthy due to the nutrient retention and even grinding of the whole spice. These spices add appealing aroma, flavor and color to your cuisines with innumerable health benefits.

So what do you think which processing method is more beneficial for the spices, machine made or hand ground?

We can simply say that hand ground spices are more beneficial to adopt over machine made spices. In hand ground method all the nutrients remain intact. Also the spices prepared from this method provide distinct natural flavors and aroma to your meals.

The handmade chakki do not use any chemicals for grinding while during processing through machines, the spices develop rust like smell and in turn deteriorate the taste of your meals.

Thus concluding that, add the ingredients in your dishes that are prepared through eco-friendly methods, to protect the nature and its resources for future generation.


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