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Machine Made v/s Hand Ground Spices

by Organic Condiments on September 19, 2020

The term “Spices” are used for different parts of plants like seeds, root, bark or any other parts. The primary use is to add flavour and texture to the food. But they have their secondary roles too. They are exclusively used in medicinal benefits, making of cosmetics, perfumes or for any ritual.


Does processing bring any difference in quality?

The processing type distinguishes the quality of final spice produce. Spices are utilized in various categories but as we know, the major one is for food. So, it's very important to know its constitutional make-up regarding health point of view and the taste and texture along. Though others which use spice are also important as well. 

If the spice is machine made, excessive heat is generated in a grinding process that destroys the real flavour and the only left flavour would be of a burnt spice. Other than flavour, spices are rich in various minerals that can provide antioxidant and anti inflammatory effect to the body but all these qualities get lost and the meaning of spice just gets limited to the aroma and texture part but that is also a compromised one.

Check which is better by yourself:

When your spices are machine made and hand ground, you can easily see the difference just by aroma itself. The experiment can be done at your kitchen. Just take some haldi and grind it inside the mixer, then take some more and this time, grind it with your own hand. Now, feel the aroma difference. You will feel the real nature’s haldi in your palm when you crush it with your hand.


What to choose?

Hand ground spices are free from any kind of machinery in every part of their processing. Thus, making the nutritional and textural effect intact. Also, hand grounding makes less dependency on machines and industries that make our environment sick, the place where we live. Now, you have to decide whether you want that burnt taste of machine made spice or the real taste and goodness of nature provided by hand ground spices.


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