Organic & Healthy Bharvan Karela

by Organic Condiments on September 14, 2020

Want to try something different? You should definitely try this recipe we brought to you, We guarantee you will love this dish. This process of cooking yields a dry dish which can we used as your main dish and can be consumed with naan bread or chapati.



  1. Mix all the ingredients (except the gourd and keep 1 tbsp grated coconut aside for garnishing) to make the stuffing (the more you stuff the better).

  2. Stuff the bitter gourd with the above mixture and put in a steamer over boiling water.

  3. Steam for 10-12 minutes till the skin is soft. The skin will lose its bright green color with cooking.

  4. Serve hot garnished with the grated coconut.

Tip: Bitter Gourd is also known as Karela, can be cooked in many different ways and should be consumed Diabetics Patients, as it is very good for there health.


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