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What are Carom (Ajwain) seeds?

by Organic Condiments on September 23, 2020

There is a fault in its name itself, Carom Seeds are generally misunderstood as seeds. They are fruits of the plant Bishop’s Weed, not the seeds. Leaves and fruits both are consumed by humans of this plant. In Hindi, it is termed as Ajwain.

A common use of it:

In India, it is generally utilized as a spice or for home remedies for curing any illness. It is a type of spice that exists in almost every kitchen of the house for serving multi-purpose benefits. 

There are some of the uses you might don’t know, that can also help to increase its multi-purpose behavior. Also, you can increase its properties even more if you replace it with an organic one. 

As many of you might be aware of the benefits of organic products, Organic Ajwain in the same way is beneficial to you. You will get the real flavor and all the processes till packaging will be natural which means no harm to the product and nutritional property will be intact.

What Benefits Will You Get?

  • The most common use and benefit we can say is seen in Indian cuisines. We get the specific taste and texture to the food and aroma too. So, it is used there.

  • You can use Ajwain for curing a common cold as well. It can be mixed with jaggery and a paste of both will work to cure common cold and harshness in the throat as well.

  • Also, if you have indigestion problems like bloating in the stomach, Ajwain with warm water can be a lot effective. 

  • Oma water, is prepared by boiling Carom Seeds in water and after boiling the residue is thrown and the leftover water is consumed. Taking oma water daily in a diet can help to develop a good metabolism. Also, oma water should be taken by pregnant ladies to get rid of unwanted digestive problems.

  • Taking the fumes of it or gargling with this can make you free from toothaches.

When not to take?

  • Bishop’s Weed contains a compound called Khellin, which contracts the uterus thus harmful for pregnant women. This can lead to premature deliveries or other defects.

  • If you are having any kind of illness in the liver and you are on medications or you are taking any medication that is affecting the liver, then this fruit can make the condition worse. Also, it's better to avoid this during the lactational period but the reason is still not specified.

  • If you are going to have surgery or if there is ongoing surgery then avoid taking these fruits. This slows the process of blood clotting thus making you more anemic.

  •  Also, if you are taking any medication to increase sensitivity to sunlight, this can increase your sensitivity thus causing sunburns.

Bishop’s Weed as a spice performs various functions. Whether it is related to giving texture to the food or providing an umbrella of health wellness. It is always advisable to buy organic ajwain for your kitchen as it will serve you in every possible way if consumed accordingly.


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