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Yam Fish Curry in Goa Organic Masala Recipe

by Organic Condiments on August 29, 2020

Goa is sort of heaven for today’s generation and this yam fish curry in Goa organic masala will make your dinner a tour package, a favourite among the foodies.

Goa is an international tourist spot and it highly popular among the Indian youth as well. Its beaches, exotic weather, striking tourist places and lip-smacking delicacies are something that cannot be easily forgotten. If you are missing really Goa, then you would love to try this Goan dish. It is made of fish and would satisfy the cravings of someone who live on fish. Let’s dive into the ingredients and steps for making Yam Fish Curry in Goa Organic Masala Recipe.


  • 3 cups yam, cut into 2-3 inch cubes 2 red pepper chopped

  • 1/4 cup Balsamic or Apple Cider Vinegar


    1. In a steamer or pressure cooker, cook the yam pieces for 10–15 mins until tender and a fork can pieces for them easily. Pierce the yams with them on all sides to allow the organic masala to be absorbed. Keep aside.
    2. While the yams are steaming, grind together all the Organic Masala ingredients into a fine paste.
    3. This paste can stay for 3 months so if you like, you can make a large batch and store in the fridge.
    4. In a pan on medium flame, add 1 cup of water, the organic masala, and the onion and stir and cook until the water is almost gone & you are left with a thick paste.
    5. Add the cooked yam pieces, coconut milk, and salt and stir thoroughly to mix and bring to the boil.
    6. Once boiling, lower the heat, add the red pepper slices and turn off the heat.
    7. Serve hot with rice or millets.

    Yam Fish Curry

    So, this was it, the tasty treat called Yam Fish Curry in Goa Organic Masala. Believe us, it is an easy fish recipe that you can try tonight or in the upcoming weekend. Once, done, you can even think of any other thing while you are having it right from your pan. We, at ORCO have a wide range of spices that includes natural black salt, organic jeera sabut, organic methi, organic kala namak, organic shahi paneer masala, tandoori masala, kitchen king and lot more. We have pledged to provide our customers with the best in the market, natural, chemical-free and tastiest organic spices.


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