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How Organic Blend Powder Made?

by Organic Condiments on March 09, 2021

Condiments, besides used in minor quantity in diet have their vitality to greater extent. They provide an appealing color to all the cuisines & mouthwatering taste that they provide to the food can’t be explained. These days, people being health conscious adopted the organic way of using specially designed organic condiments grown under special conditions. They are grown by using modern methods of farming free from harmful fertilizers & pesticides especially for spices, thus does not have any adverse effects on health. They have the top quality blend of seasoning & are known for enhancing the flavors of the cuisine. The condiments processed by organic techniques are free from adulterants. These offer an additional flavor to the nutritious food apart from boring & monotonous recipes.

These spices can be eaten as a whole or in blended form. Basically organic spices are hand ground without using heat so all the essential nutrients are retained in them.

The organic spices are blended either from traditional method by using motor and pestle or by using different machines.


Making your all seasoned mixes ensure the consistency in the recipes that you prepare. These blends provide the entirely different taste and aroma. The best way to create your own spice blend is by buying the whole spices and blend them using motor and pestle.

The various ingredients include red chilli, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel, black pepper, jayfal, javitri, dalchini, cloves, raw turmeric and Himalayan salt.

All you need to do is mix all these spices and grind them. The time for which the ingredients can be grinded depends upon the consistency required. More powdery the consistency required, more is the time consumed for it to prepare.


Now you must be wondering that how we can preserve them, do they remain fresh even when we keep them for long time?

So simple answer to these questions that must be triggering your sub conscious mind can be, store these blends in cool and dry place in glass containers. Keep the blends away from the moisture otherwise they may absorb it and develop off flavors. Also you should minimize their exposure to air, heat and light as well to increase the shelf life of your mixes.

Lastly we can say that organic blend that is hand ground provides natural taste and aroma to the dishes with a high nutrient content in it. So add the blend in your dishes in a sustainable manner.

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